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to foiling 


In the late 1960s Hoyle Schweitzer invented windsurfing, a mix between dinghy sailing and surfing.
We present you the SIT & SURF, a mix between windsurfing and dinghy sailing where Surficat is the best example.

Inspired by gliding, the Surficat takes advantage of the Mothquito's same carbon hull to enhance gliding thanks to its high-performance surf hull. For this, all the foiling components and equipment are dispensed with to minimize it to a simple and fun dinghy catamaran to sail surfing in the purest windsurfing style.  


The Surficat is a small, fast and lightweight catamaran with only 3 m of length and 40 Kg of weight, that has a generous beam of 1.8 m to guarantee great stability, essential for surfing a boat safely.


It has a mainsail of 8 m2 with wishbone, windsurfing type, with which it obtains the power and acceleration necessary to glide freely with a light breeze and to reach high speeds when the wind rises. 


This configuration eliminates trim adjustments simplifying the maneuver, making the Surficat an easy and simple boat for enthusiasts of any level. Thanks to this simplicity and its easy handling, the Surficat is also an ideal boat for learning at any age, being an optimal platform for teaching in sailing schools and centers since by admitting up to two crew members it allows the monitor to accompany the student to facilitate the learning.

It is also easily transportable in the roof rack of the car and very fast to mount, so you can access the water in a very short time and from anywhere. For example you can raise the daggerboards and the rudders to sail from the beach or from the shore of a lake.

Can you imagine to surf like a windsurf, but with a sailing dinghy?

... and if you want, also fly !!

By using the same hull as the Mothquito you can transform the Surficat into a real Mothquito.
With the conversion pack to foiling, the Mothquito Fly Pack, which includes all the official foiling equipment, you can easily transform your Surficat into a true Mothquito to enjoy foiling and compete as one more in the Mothquito Foiling Class.

If you prefer to keep it as a Surficat only for surfing, the boat will become part of the Mothquito Class as a child sailing sub-class for SIT & SURF competitions, a new modality where the youngest will be able to compete in single or double handed, familiarizing themselves in addition with a possible future foiler.

Welcome to Surficat,
an amazing boat, to learn, to sail, to surf ...
and why not, also to fly !!

You will soon enjoy it !!

Toni Blanc

f surficat.png

Length:                             3 m

Beam:                             1,8 m

Carbon hull:                40 Kg

Mainsail:                           8 m

Crew:                                  1, 2


Convertible to Mothquito

Designer: Toni Blanc


"The idea of ​​being able to surf with a dinghy like the Surficat seems very interesting to me. It is a novel idea, fun and that can be very well received as a way towards foiling. Being able to compete in a Surficat as a subclass of the Mothquito Class for Children is another incentive that will surely be very well received by schools and training centers."

Nacho Miñana Delhome. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

Windsurf Instructor in Jávea Yacht Club (CNJ ,Club Náutico de Jávea).

"The Surficat sensations  create real addiction. To begin with, it weighs nothing and is very easy to ride. Once in the water, it is like sitting on the deck of a large windsurf board that immediately picks up speed and you are sitting in the water... Wow!! The experience is incredible, a lot of fun. You have to try it to understand what SIT & SURF is."

Alberto Blanc. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

Windsurf rider, where the wind blows up.



Mothquito®, Surficat® and IFS® are registered trademarks. IFS is a patent granted and in force.

Contact: Toni Blanc  /  mothquito@gmail.com  /  ifsfoiling@gmail.com  (www.ifsfoiling.com)

Made in Spain (Cominidad Valenciana)

 Copyright © 2018 by IFS Foiling. All rights reserved. Intro Video: RavenProDesign Youtube Channel   http://www.youtube.com/RavenProDesign 


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