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y Centros Homologados Mothquito

Tests Phase

To fly

is very


"I had never flown before and seeing the Copa América attracted me deeply, it is the future. Testing the Mothquito has been one of the best sensations I have ever experienced sailing. With a slight heel the boat begins to pick up speed and you realize that You are flying because the noise of the water against the hull disappears. With increasing speed the leeward foil increases its lift thrust and eliminates the heel with total stability and control. It is incredible, you fly at the same speed as the zodiac and keeping all the stability. Now I can say I can fly".

Javier Poole. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

Board member of the Javea Yacht Club (CNJ Club Náutico de Jávea), and cruiser-regatta sailor.

"Although I have not sail since 20 years, I have always wanted to return, but my passion for 4x4 adventure and my trips in Land Rover in Morocco have so far taken up all my free time. When I was proposed to try the Mothquito I did not I thought twice, I had never flown before and from that moment my passion for adventure is shared with this foiler so super easy to fly. I will have to find more time ... "

Angel Palomar. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

CEO Malaika 4x4 .

"When my friend Toni told me about the project, I was truly passionate about it. In addition to being a pioneer in Spain, it was based on a patented foil technology with highly innovative solutions never seen before, which would surely mark a before and after in the world of foiling. In view of the tests, it seems to meet the expectations well, always in the absence of any adjustments, that's what the tests are for, but in essence it is fast, very stable and ideal for double handed. Congratulations! "

Manolo González. "Honorific President" of Mothquito Project.

Former president of the Valencian Community Sailing Federation.

"I perfectly remember the unrepeatable feeling of surprise and enthusiasm that invaded me at once, when I discovered the magic of pedaling in balance for the first time on the bike without the support of side wheels: The friction disappeared, I felt the speed, and the sound changed to a low whistle.
But it was not unrepeatable! ... The Mothquito was a second first bicycle "

Rafa García Bartual. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

Board member of the Javea Yacht Club (CNJ Club Náutico de Jávea), and cruiser-regatta sailor.

"I thought it would be difficult for me. That I would spend more time in the water than flying, as I see with other foilers. The reality is that the boat is super stable in flight, more than any dinghy. It takes off immediately and the flight it's clean and balanced. Total fun and full adrenaline!"

Alejandro Hernández Rojas. Rider of Team Mothquito. No previous experience with foils.

Sailing Monitor in Jávea Yacht Club (CNJ Club Náutico de Jávea).



Currently the Mothquito is in the testing phase in waters of the Valencian Community, specifically in the bay of Jávea, and based in the Jávea Yacht Club (CNJ), a club of great tradition and unconditional promoter of the sailing sport, and now also a pioneer and at the forefront as the basis of the first Spanish foiler one design.

Jávea is a privileged enclave due to its mild climate and great natural beauty, where the ideal conditions for foiling exist throughout the year, as it is a very well-sheltered bay and with a very adequate wind regime.



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